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This year’s anticapitalist pride after party was organized as a collaboration between Qlub and the Book Café’s anarchist party collective ACAB-Disco. The programme consisted of beats by DJs Maila Järnefelt & Fake Fag, three different danceoke sets by Fake Fag – and a BINGO, with awesome pink & black prizes.

#30 LES MOTS ET LES CHOSES 07.04.2017
Qlub and the Society for Queer Studies in Finland celebrated the coming of spring with DJ music, danceoke, and an intersectional queer feminist speech/manifest/theory karaoke. Prepararations and execution courtesy of the SQS/Qlub DJ Fake Fag.

#29 QUEER HEALINGS 21.10.2016
Afterparty to the 11th gay, lesbian and queer studies research seminar organised by the Society for Queer Studies in Finland. Beats and danceoke once again provided by the SQS/Qlub DJ Fake Fag.

#28 OUT OF THE CLOSET 12.10.2016
An evening of eating and storytelling was held in celebration of the Coming Out Day, which had taken place the day before. No one should come out alone!

#27 QLUB ❤ BAR KIRJIS 27.08.2016
Yes, it REALLY had been a year since the last Qlub! What a shame! Nevertheless, we now delivered another anticapitalist nonconformist take on the pride, with DJ Fake Fag doing danceoke and plain old dj’ing once again. Aside from dance music and atmosphere fit for kings/queens/criminal queers, this time the Book Café served also vegan pintxos, seitan & kimchi burgers, and even sautéed soy in béarnaise sauce as a main course! What a decadent high society we had become!

#26 BAR KIRJIS ❤ QLUB 15.08.2015
Qlub and the Turku Book Café bar night collective joined forces to create a Turku Pride after party, where money wasn’t the answer and everyone could afford to be themselves. Beats were provided by DJ Fake Fag (disco synthétique et électronique), including a full-on danceoke as soon as the night had fallen.

And so came again the time to destroy cisheteropatriarchy, and this time the destroyers were the emo punk/trans*core trio Friend Crush (Berlin), the queer feminist post doom group Lithalsa (Berlin), and the local anarchist queer edge band Raivoraittius, with Species Traitor DJ set (Lezzy Lesbourne & Fake Fag) after the live sets.

#24 GRRRL GERMS! 16.05.2015
The Helsinki-based riot grrrl club Grrrl Germs! arrived in Turku, and Sweethe@rts performed their first live show ever. DJs for the night were the local indie rockers Hämärän Ässä and Koura, and since DJ Selina Kyle (Dyke Hard) had sadly gotten ill, DJ Spacegrrrl (Grrrl Germs!) filled in to play the set Kyle had prepared.

#23 CRUISIN’ THE 70s 15.11.2014
Qlub took us back to the 1970s, the golden age following the 1968 Stonewall riots and the birth of the gay liberation movement, and preceding the 1980s AIDS crisis; the era of care-free cruising in the parks, piers, beaches, streets and discos of New York. The evening started with a documentary screening of ‘Gay Sex in the 70s‘ (dir. Joseph Lovett, USA 2005), after which DJ Anssi Nieminen (Overfitting Disco) played 1970s underground disco and VJ Fake Fag did 1970s danceoke. And again was the time warp done!

#22 TRADITIONS, SPACES 26.9.2014
Afterparty to the 10th gay, lesbian and queer research seminar organised by the Society for Queer Studies in Finland, featuring the screening of Mariangela Pluchino’s short documentary “Transvida: from trans to trans”. Beats were provided by SQS/Qlub DJs Rainboi & Fake Fag.

#21 QUEER PUNX NIGHT OUT 31.5.2014
The time had come to destroy cisheteropatriarchy, and the destroyers were Mustelmia (Hki), Stereotypia (Hki), Raivoraittius (Tku/Hki), and Species Traitor (Tku/Hki). Hot stuff was delivered by Masan grilli, and for one night – even if for one night only – queer punx ran this town!

#20 LIVE: BUNNY 16.5.2014
In celebration of our 20th party ever, we hosted a live performance by the Helsinki-based rapper Bunny, who delivered poetic-political hip hop with queer feminist influence.

#19 LIVE: CbA 12.4.2014
The Non-Binary Gender Weekend Gathering afterparty. Confused being Alive (Berlin/Hki) rapped live “from their black roots through their queer thoughts, storytelling from the heart, political in its own way”, and Qlub DJs Acabella & Fake Fag selected beats most suitable for dancing all night long. Best Qlub ever?

The Multiple Valentines’ Qlub featured poly speed dating, disco dancing to the tunes selected by DJs Lady Chatterleyn rakastaja (Peijakas!, Hki) & Cherries Jubilee, and the screening of ‘Shortbus’ (dir. John Cameron Mitchell, USA 2006). The attendees were asked to dress up as their favourite person(s) or to let their friend(s) mold them in their image. Who were you?

During the Week for Human Rights in Russia organized in Turku by a bunch of groups and individuals, Qlub took part in the setting up of the Friday night party with the Turku University gender studies student group F-piste. Unlike our own events, this party was arranged at Jo-Jo Teatteri and had a 2 € entry fee. The programme consisted of a solo dance performance ‘Kuoleva joutsen’  by Toni Laakkonen (Tanssiteatteri ERI), the guitar and voice of Aija Orava, poetry by Helianne Kallio & Susinukke Kosola, a danceoke by VJ Fake Fag (Qlub), and a DJ set by Rainboi (Qlub).

Qlub participated in the Mahdollisuuksien tori NGO gathering, this year organised with a human rights theme. The evening started with the screening of ‘Secret Years‘ (dir. Mariá Takács, Hungary 2009), a documentary on the lesbian history of Hungary. After the film, Roosa Laaksonen, who has worked in The Russian LGBT Network, talked about queer activism in Russia. The rest of the night consisted of disco dancing to beats carefully chosen by Qlub DJs Rainboi & Sappho Hovi & Fake Fag.

#16 QUEERKARAOKE 16.3.2013
The night was hosted by Queera and foresung by Hanttu Krause & co. We were so excited, we just couldn’t hide it!

#15 AFTER SKI 9.2.2013
Suksi vittuun! Hot chocolate & sweet buns were accompanied by the sweet sounds of DJs Lasculina (Gayborhood) & Skate Fag (Qlub), the latter filling in for sKI sKI who had caught a cold. Sledding after-party at Vartiovuorenmäki was unfortunately cancelled, even though at least one pulkka had been brought to the premises.

No bigger-than-life theme this time, just your regular D.I.Y. pervoparty with DJ Fake Fag (Qlub) and all your friends.

#13 QLUB GOES VINOKINO 1.11.2012
Gayborhood DJs spun their vinyls, and a queer cinema quiz was held on the eve of the LGBT film festival Vinokino. The quiz seemed to be somewhat challenging, as even the victorious team managed to nail only 17 of 36 questions. Nevermind the poor results, the accomplishments of the victors were rewarded with free tickets to the festival, and even the team that came second ended up leaving the premises with a heap of queer/trans zines provided by distrⒶction in their hands. ‘T was a regular Thursday night, so we chilled out till the middle of the night and then headed to our homes.

#12 NIGHT OF THE FEMME 5.5.2012
On this special night our programme consisted of an introductory speech by Salla Peltonen, a screening of the documentary ‘A Complicated Queerness: Living Femme in a Dyke Community’ by Johanna Buchignani & Emily Hillman (USA 2007), and a late night Femme Disco with Qlub DJs KI KI & Sappho Hovi & Fake Fag, plus Paula Bear the go-go dancer. We were all so fucking beautiful!

#11 DANCEOKE! 24.3.2012
The danceoke craze reached Finland, thanks to our very own VJ Fake Fag! We shook it like they do it in music videos. That is, exactly like they do it. And it was pretty awesome!

#10 AGAINST HATE CRIMES 19.11.2011
Qlub on mourning on the eve of Transgender Day of Remembrance. Instead of partying like it’s the end of the world again, this night we calmed down to a bit more melancholic music, even though melancholic music can, at times, be danceable as well. Gloomy beats were provided by Qlub DJs Burnt Pretzel & Fake Fag, and the dress code was, of course, dark.

#9 LIVE: PRINSSIT 22.10.2011
Prinssit (Turku/Helsinki/Berlin) – an acclaimed queerhop trio comprised of Miessika, Pelipoika and Feminem (all of whom took part in the launching of Qlub back in the day, by the way) – garnered a record-breaking (at the Book Café, that is) crowd of a hundred people + all those queuing up outside and following the performance through the windows. After the show, the Qlub resident DJs were, in turn, dazed and confused by the intense partying that went on until the curfew. A night worthy for kuninkaat, even!

#8 RIOT QRRRL! 8.10.2011
Live: Nälkä (Turku) feat. Jouni Järvenpää. DJs: Lezzy Lesbourne (Qlub) & Kletigt Deg & Hämärän Ässä (Nälkä) & Jennifer Power (Nälkä). Our very first live show! Plenty of new faces in the crowd, too!

Qlub participated in the PERVO! PERVO! PERVO! D.I.Y. film festival 15.-17.4. by organizing a dress-up dance party featuring Qlub All-Stars DJs! As always, the best outfits were rewarded with awesome prizes.

#6 CUM & DANCE 12.3.2011
Happy first anniversary, Gayborhood DJs! The cake was awesome, and the place ended up possibly more packed than ever before. This time we had visuals as well – spanning two rooms! Special thanks to our internationally renowned go-go dancers Lippe & Pille.

A new year of Qlubbing began amidst tropical temperatures. Hot topics and peculiar beats were delivered by Qlub DJs Spelpojke & Fake Fag, and, as relief to the unexpected heatwave, we served non-alcoholic drinks for queer edge kids and sunny cupcakes for vegans. While sunglasses were handed out to those who had paid no heed to the dresscode (i.e. beach, tennis, summer olympics), the hottest outfits won their carriers highly effective sun lotion, Loveboat cruise tickets to Stockholm, summer hits of the 80s (on vinyl, of course), and fair trade pineapples.

The first semester of Qlubbing came to an end on a very special date, the international Transgender Day of Remembrance. For the occasion, we printed and handed out information on hate crimes. Stuffin’ Muffins (I ♥ Lesbians) & Lady Chatterleyn rakastaja, together forming half of the Peijakas! crew, had come over from Helsinki, and their fuckyeahelectrobootyclap and dägä to the maxxx was accompanied by the selections of our very own Gayborhood DJs KI KI & Masculina.

The Book Cafe organised ‘Queers Without Borders’, a series of queer film screenings, in conjunction with the LGBT film festival Vinokino on 20-24 November. Some members of the Qlub crew had been doing film nights at the Book Café as well, so the third instalment of Qlub turned out a collaboration between us and the film crew, with Qlub taking care of the Friday night party. After watching ‘The Aggressives’ by Daniel Peddle (USA 2005) and hearing of a new feminist comic artist group Sisters Ink from A-K Laine, we danced to the hits and bits from the 80s as presented by DJs Tuhmakakku & Scum.

#2 LAPTOP DANCE 25.9.2010
The second Qlub was a theme party for freaks and geeks, a laptop dance given by Qlub DJs Spelpojke & Fake Fag. We had decorated the place with old computer parts, and there was even an ancient Commodore 64 present with feminist/queer classics like The Great Giana Sisters & Bubble Bobble for people to play – on cassette, of course. Sadly, not that much people came, but we had fun anyway.

Gayborhood DJs KIKI & Masculina + CHKS LOVE YOU DJs Lumikko & Spelpojke, all of them founding members of the Qlub collective, delivered electro, hip hop, disco, and house exclusively from vinyl on this historical event. There had been an international anti-nuclear blockade at the Olkiluoto power plant some 100 kilometres from Turku earlier the same day, and so our queer & allied friends from other cities – those who had not been taken by the cops, at least – came to party with us after the demonstration. The place was packed, and the night was beautiful!